Sanctuary Audio Checklist


Start up

  • System on
  • Aviom rack on
  • Foyer speakers off
  • Recall guitar channels from library
  • Check channel gains for instruments
  • Balance vocal gains
  • Walk through sanctuary checking for anomalies
  • Start up Cubase
  • Open Planning Center for service order
  • Label blank sermon CDs
  • First service CD in recorder, press record
  • record level on dbx compressor to +6dB
  • Pastor's batteries (new on Sunday, check on Wednesday)
  • Set up guest speaker mic, if any
  • Check pulpit mic batteries
  • Check blue mic batteries

After rehearsal

  • Test videos
  • Foyer speakers on
  • Spotify on iPad (around 8:30am)
  • be ready for countdown video

Service start

  • start Cubase recording 1-2 minutes before end of countdown
  • cue band on at T-30
  • cue vocals on at T-15
  • be ready for leader to greet congregation

End of worship

  • choir mics off before they pop when unplugged
  • record level up to +12dB

Sermon CD recording

  • press play on CD to start
  • tap record every 5 minutes or so to advance track
  • after sermon, press stop, then finalize CD

After service

  • Restart Spotify music
  • Stop Cubase and save project. Start filename with date in YYMMDD order.

Shut down

  • Retrieve guest speaker mic (if any)
  • Foyer speakers off
  • North sub off
  • Confidence monitor off (remote usually on drum riser)
  • Back hallway TVs off
  • Aviom rack off
  • Unplug guitar world
  • Verify organ off
  • System off