Upcoming Stage Changes for Spring Convention

Stage change #1: Week of April 18th Movers, cables and four middle toasters and probably hazer should be stripped Sunday after church. If we all pitch in it will go quickly. Side walls will come down. Lower Front wall gets stripped of lights, covered with chloroplast and aligned with back wall. Cross Equals love lights come down and openings get covered with chloroplast. We will need to get movers in new positions and ready for Sunday the 24th. If this doesn't happen by Wednesday April 20th, that's ok. We can use side toasters, top leds, ceiling movers and place 4 toasters temporarily on back wall. will also need to figure out a hazer placement.

Stage change #2 Week of April 25th Movers, cables and toasters will need to be moved out of way for shelves and toasters to be placed on back wall. The four toasters in arches will be pulled during work dayon April 16th and those plus the 8 on stage and two from amp room (if usable) will all be placed on back wall. Also, the LED Strips and canopy will be put in place. Everything will need to be put back in place and ready for practice on the 30th.

Next stage Change will be at end of June for YSC and again the Sat after YSC.